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Facebook’s New Ad Platform Drives Engagement

This is a really informative Mashable article that discusses Facebook’s new advertising platform. It previews the changes and gives the reader tips on how to deliver successful campaigns.

Facebook’s new, extended ad platform, will allow marketers to optimize their ads for any Facebook action (not just likes) but also Spotify plays, articles read on the Washington Post reader, Pinterest posts and purchases. This article suggests that Facebook is trying to turn their ad platform into the main driver of a brand’s reach and that the best way to accomplish this is through authenticity. 

Some highlights from Facebook’s new ad features:
- Marketers will have the ability to set different metrics and goals for different ad campaigns.
- They will be able to target “users who are more likely to watch the video, targeting users who are more likely to share the video, or targeting users who are more likely to post a comment on your video.”

Click on the article for a detailed explanation of the new ad platform and ways to maximize your success using it.
via Mashable



Magazines, Online Retailers & E-Commerce

Magazines and online retailers are finding new, creative ways to generate additional revenue streams.  They are leveraging mobile and social media platforms to provide new products and services. 

"Time Out New York, a weekly print and digital magazine covering entertainment in New York City, began selling event tickets through its website and iOS apps." 

These online retailers are beginning to take on the visual selling points of magazine spreads to develop fully immersive online shopping experiences. The article mentions that magazines face the balancing act between their primary responsibility, which is to create content, and their mercenary goals of pushing e-commerce. For online retailers, original content is just an added bonus.



Pop Singer Launches Instagram Contest

Singer Jason Mraz created a contest where he asked his fans to create visual interpretations of one of his new songs. The contest creates a unique hashtag for fans, making it easier to track the submissions. Mraz is one of the most followed users on Instagram and he’s even gotten other celebrities to participate (Selena Gomez).

From Mashable article: “Instagrammers have until Feb. 20 to join the contest. Mraz will then choose 25 winners, who will be invited to meet him at a private showcase in New York City. CanvasPop plans to print the top photos on large-format canvas, and Mraz will sign them at the gathering on March 8.

This is a good blueprint for creative social media brands to gain more traction on Instagram. A brand could easily prompt a theme that’s unique only to their content and ask fans to visually represent their responses.

via Mashable



Brand Discovery is Often Unintended

Social Media expert: “big advertisers are finding almost a third of their Internet ads aren’t being seen… those people that seek you or find you or like you in a social environment are often very different from the target you’ve been thinking about,” she says. “And that’s a huge opportunity for brands.”
Fans’ and non-followers, alike, often share many of the same interests. The difference between the two groups is that non-followers don’t easily find the content that relates to them. Non-followers often discover brands when one of their interests intersects with a piece of a brand’s viral content.
It’s a good idea to maintain a brand’s central message, but it’s just as important to  find innovative ways to curate online content that would have cross-market appeal. That way you’re not losing current fans but will still reach unintended targets.  



The Importance of Social Media Community Management

Tuesday January 24
Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (via Mashable)
Community managers are vital for a brand’s development. They promote fan engagement and the best ones consistently carry out the brand’s voice while establishing an individual identity of their own.
“ Every brand has to have its own tailored and unique message, and cater to its specific demographic of fans.” (Mashable)
That is why the community manager is so important. Mashable lists the skill set of an effective CM to include: constant multitasking, quick judgement calls, and critical thinking.

Here are some interesting Community Management Predictions for 2012 (via Mashable)

1) Perfect post timing will be key because “Honing in on how to most effectively distribute more content is what will take social media strategy to the next level this year.”  The balancing act between engagement and annoyance is a difficult but important one to master.

2) Community-Driven Content and Products will have a greater role in 2012’s social media communities.
“We’ll soon see more brands and organizations taking this already existing quality content and incorporating it into their products.

NOTE: — “Instagram has already helped pave the way for this by including four new user-created photo filters in its September 2.0 release. At Mashable, we’re featuring YouTube videos created by community members in our weekly Cover Song Face-Off series. Artists are thrilled to be recognized for creations born of their own passions.”

4) Niche Social Media audiences, on networks like Pinterest and **Stamped** are important to sustain. They are important because though the “reach may not be as expansive, you have the opportunity to connect with specific demographics.”